Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goodbye, Malibu--Hello, Rickshaw

 After Hurricane Katrina destroyed James's old white Toyota Tacoma,
we used the insurance to make a down payment on our Chevy Malibu LS.

It was the car we brought Rebekah home from the hospital in,
and it carried us all over the every back road in MS (there are a lot of back roads),
and from the Gulf Coast to Oklahoma (many times),
to Indianapolis, Louisville, Washington, D.C., Florida, 
and many places in between.

It was a good car.
But we sold it to a friend as our journey to South Asia began, 
and we said hello to rickshaws of all shapes and sizes.

Most only joke of ever riding rickshaws.

But we are living the dream.

Or the nightmare, 
especially when 15 people cram into your auto-rickshaw.
Or the person in your lap neglected his bath that morning.
Or your driver argues with the traffic police and gets arrested while you sit there.

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