Friday, April 27, 2012

From Hattiesburg with Love

We are part of an amazing fellowship of Christians in Hattiesburg, MS. They hold firm to their biblical beliefs, while making sure tradition does not unnecessarily get in the way of caring for people. They are not perfect, but they are caring.

We have been the beneficiaries of their love in scores of ways, from packages to letters to emails, and have tried to let everyone there see what our lives and ministries look like in South Asia. We look forward to a time when some of them can experience life here first-hand.

Recently, several kids in a village close to our home got to connect with some of the kids from First Hattiesburg. They were excited to see their pictures, learn a little bit about the kids in the USA, and hear about how God is working in their lives.

Kristie also got to share some of the greetings from First Hattiesburg with some very special girls who come from very difficult situations here in South Asia. They were enthralled that someone from the USA would reach out to them the way the kids from Mississippi did.

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