Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everest, and other things Nepali

Flying along in South Asia, we recently were able to see a better view of the Himalayas than we had previously gotten. The Big One, Mt. Everest, is the one with the little cloud at its peak.

We got the opportunity to spend a week in Kathmandu, Nepal, and were excited about the friends, food, and fun we encountered there. 

Because of the number tourists traveling through Nepal, the number of Western-style restaurants is unlike anything we experience where we live. So many meals were eaten, and many pounds gained, while visiting the city.

And of course, if a city has a zoo, Rebekah and Kristie are going to find it. So we saw some amazing South Asian tigers, among other animals, and rode the elephant--which Rebekah remarked had "very big toenails."

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  1. The mountains are so beautiful!