Sunday, April 29, 2012

Really South Asia? Part 7 (Rats!!!)

Please refresh your memory of what our local post office looks like.

Now remember that we LOVE getting packages, not necessarily because we NEED anything, but on the hard, I-want-to-go-home days, little tastes of home are God's means of sustaining us! (If you want to know some good ideas of things to send, just email us at

Do not be dissuaded from sending us letters and packages. Just be aware that we get 100% of our emails, and only about 97% of our packages, and maybe 85% of letters and cards. However, even in those packages that make it, sometimes someone (or something) has gotten there before us: RATS!

We did learn that rats like blueberry muffin mix more than chocolate muffin mix--James agrees on their taste--Kristie doesn't.

And a rat can only eat half a bag of Goldfish and one package of pepperoni in one sitting.

But THANK YOU Uncle Robert and Aunt Beth: most of the stuff still made it!

Friday, April 27, 2012

From Hattiesburg with Love

We are part of an amazing fellowship of Christians in Hattiesburg, MS. They hold firm to their biblical beliefs, while making sure tradition does not unnecessarily get in the way of caring for people. They are not perfect, but they are caring.

We have been the beneficiaries of their love in scores of ways, from packages to letters to emails, and have tried to let everyone there see what our lives and ministries look like in South Asia. We look forward to a time when some of them can experience life here first-hand.

Recently, several kids in a village close to our home got to connect with some of the kids from First Hattiesburg. They were excited to see their pictures, learn a little bit about the kids in the USA, and hear about how God is working in their lives.

Kristie also got to share some of the greetings from First Hattiesburg with some very special girls who come from very difficult situations here in South Asia. They were enthralled that someone from the USA would reach out to them the way the kids from Mississippi did.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Egg Hunts

We have a long history of trying to get Rebekah to excel in all she does. 

In most areas, we have been pleased.

But one of her areas of greatest need was the focus time during Easter Egg Hunts

This year, we were not sure things were going to be much better than when she was two.

As you can see, she spent time opening the first eggs she found, and let other kids get all the others.

(Plus, her strap on her dress kept falling--serious wardrobe malfunction.)

And although we don't love her any more because of her performances during massive Egg Hunts,

She was on her A-Game during the actual hunt on Easter.

Leaving even the older kids in awe of her take.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Really, James?

Kristie has gotten over the fact that James has some sort of infatuation with facial hair in the past 2 years. And Rebekah does love pulling on his beard when he has one.

And we have learned to not let James shave a beard without Rebekah in front of him, as in the past the brand new face on daddy has freaked her out.

But I am sure South Asians were freaked out by the monstrosity James had on his face for a recent "Mustache Party".

Although he was not alone in his facial hair grossness, he had by far the most outrageous 'stache in the room.