Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Scary Thought from South Asia

Kristie has been waiting for months to try a service available here in South Asia: Happy Feet.

We asked Rebekah if she wanted to go with Mommy to get this done, and our usually eager little companion inquired further. We told her the fish would eat her feet, and she quickly stated that she did not wish to participate.

We assured her it was not scary, that the fish actually ate the "crusty" part of the feet. She still was averse to the idea, though.

And despite the looks of Kristie and her companions Megan and Sha before they stuck their feet in the water, it was scarier than Kristie had originally planned. 


  1. which mall did you do this at? i have seen it in Delhi but i didn't know we had any in our city. you are a brave soul. i was like, no thank you. ha. amanda

  2. you did not!!! You better have the smoothest feet ever after that!!

  3. This is awesome... and I am so glad that you and Megan are friends! :) Did it actually make your feet smooth?