Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who Needs Us?

"For I determined to know nothing among you but Jesus Christ, and him crucified" (2 Cor 2:2). 

We love so many things about South Asia. The beauty of the country, the range of food and products available here, the reasonable prices for most services, the continual improvements in infrastructure in the cities here, and the desire for so many in the population here for their country to grow as a world power all encourage us each day.

So we asked ourselves this week, why are we even here? We are not talented in any particular area of economic development or social reform.

But the people of South Asia continually seek truth, hope, and guidance, as evidenced by the idols in every household, the small temples on every street corner, and the massive dedication to gods of every shape and name.

We are not talented in any particular area, but we can only share the message of Truth that has compelled our move to South Asia.

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