Friday, February 24, 2012

Really, South Asia? Part 4

We were a little surprised, and our sensitivities as US Citizens were certainly raised by some of the differences between things you see here in South Asia that you just do not see in the USA. One great example was the manger scene in public places (especially considering the minority position of Christians in the region).

A certain word and symbol all over the buildings, cars, and decorations in South Asia that was shocking to us was the Swastika.

Having this symbol on your house, or painting it on your car, can get you fired or arrested in the US, but it is ALL OVER South Asia.

Obviously, the symbol represents something totally different here than in the West, but we Westerners still take a second look and think back to black-and-white video of goose-stepping soldiers from our History courses every time we see the symbol.

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