Thursday, February 16, 2012


When you are having a bad day, or your toddler is sick and does not want to move, very few things get you as excited as getting a call from your Postman on your mobile phone! (Yes, we have our Postman, Bhoskar, in our contacts--remember what our Post Office looks like--we are just thankful your packages even get here!)

We are so thankful that Rebekah's Granny and Aunt keep us regularly supplied with goodies for her (There are so many the pictures would overload our blog's capacity). The unexpected packages from an old friend or far-away relative also make us smile.

This was the haul from one of our former Sunday School classes in Tupelo!

A little bit of everything for all of us!

Then Uncle Martin and Aunt Lisa sent Rebekah a beautiful doll (right in the middle of her sickness that made her just lay around and whine all day) and

some of Seattle's best chocolate (it did not last long!), just like they had at their wedding.

Disclaimer: While we do not encourage packages just due to the cost of mailing them, we certainly will not discourage them either.

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  1. I love the picture of Rebekah with her doll! Pure happiness right there!