Sunday, February 12, 2012

And a Cake Made For Kings...

In Hattiesburg, or New Orleans, we would just go to the store (or bakery, if we wanted to spend a little more) to buy a King Cake.

But, despite finding a very Mardi Gras-like costume for Halloween, 

Mardi Gras is not very big here is South Asia. 

So, Kristie made her first attempt at a homemade King Cake. The reviews were glowing

And we are sure the Cakes will only get better with time, practice, and a touch of Gulf Coast memories added in.


  1. Happy Mardi Gras, Kristie!! Love the cake and the costumes, very creative!! Hope you enjoyed the celebration!!

  2. next year you'll have to do a party and invite us...i have never done mardi gras before but would be willing to be enlightened and participate to all it's glory. :) amanda