Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Picasso in the Making

Behind that mask may be an artist in the making. 

Anybody could paint by the numbers and make the Dora mask actually look like Dora.

You see a silly little girl showing off her craft project.

We see financial security in our retirement.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who Needs Us?

"For I determined to know nothing among you but Jesus Christ, and him crucified" (2 Cor 2:2). 

We love so many things about South Asia. The beauty of the country, the range of food and products available here, the reasonable prices for most services, the continual improvements in infrastructure in the cities here, and the desire for so many in the population here for their country to grow as a world power all encourage us each day.

So we asked ourselves this week, why are we even here? We are not talented in any particular area of economic development or social reform.

But the people of South Asia continually seek truth, hope, and guidance, as evidenced by the idols in every household, the small temples on every street corner, and the massive dedication to gods of every shape and name.

We are not talented in any particular area, but we can only share the message of Truth that has compelled our move to South Asia.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Really, South Asia? Part 4

We were a little surprised, and our sensitivities as US Citizens were certainly raised by some of the differences between things you see here in South Asia that you just do not see in the USA. One great example was the manger scene in public places (especially considering the minority position of Christians in the region).

A certain word and symbol all over the buildings, cars, and decorations in South Asia that was shocking to us was the Swastika.

Having this symbol on your house, or painting it on your car, can get you fired or arrested in the US, but it is ALL OVER South Asia.

Obviously, the symbol represents something totally different here than in the West, but we Westerners still take a second look and think back to black-and-white video of goose-stepping soldiers from our History courses every time we see the symbol.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viva La Republica!

Last month we celebrated Republic Day here in South Asia. The holiday was a lot different than the Fourth of July in the USA--a lot less fireworks (South Asia has plenty of opportunities to set off fireworks, though, if you recall) and a lot more flags.

Since Republic Day falls during the "winter months" here, many people celebrate by having a picnic.

We joined in the festivities by buying and waving our flags,

And by having a picnic on the roof.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


When you are having a bad day, or your toddler is sick and does not want to move, very few things get you as excited as getting a call from your Postman on your mobile phone! (Yes, we have our Postman, Bhoskar, in our contacts--remember what our Post Office looks like--we are just thankful your packages even get here!)

We are so thankful that Rebekah's Granny and Aunt keep us regularly supplied with goodies for her (There are so many the pictures would overload our blog's capacity). The unexpected packages from an old friend or far-away relative also make us smile.

This was the haul from one of our former Sunday School classes in Tupelo!

A little bit of everything for all of us!

Then Uncle Martin and Aunt Lisa sent Rebekah a beautiful doll (right in the middle of her sickness that made her just lay around and whine all day) and

some of Seattle's best chocolate (it did not last long!), just like they had at their wedding.

Disclaimer: While we do not encourage packages just due to the cost of mailing them, we certainly will not discourage them either.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day, South Asian Style

Rebekah dressed in pink and red hearts to celebrate Valentine's Day.
She was so proud to wear the new outfit to her school.

But she was a little tired when she woke up, and not even imported Hershey's chocolate from the USA could get her excited when first waking up!


 But she was sweet opening her gifts and reading her cards.

 So despite the mischievousness she often displays,
(see below in the red, demon-eyed picture)
 she wished everyone she saw a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And a Cake Made For Kings...

In Hattiesburg, or New Orleans, we would just go to the store (or bakery, if we wanted to spend a little more) to buy a King Cake.

But, despite finding a very Mardi Gras-like costume for Halloween, 

Mardi Gras is not very big here is South Asia. 

So, Kristie made her first attempt at a homemade King Cake. The reviews were glowing

And we are sure the Cakes will only get better with time, practice, and a touch of Gulf Coast memories added in.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Like Father, Like Daughter?


Rebekah bore a lot more resemblance to James when she was younger and did not have any hair. But even if she does not look as much like him now, they still share some tendencies...

Although Rebekah apparently did not think it was as cold as James did on a chilly winter night here in South Asia, they share an affinity for playing games on iPads/iPhones.