Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Create a Spectacle in Darjeeling

 Take one adorable fair-skinned toddler

Add one white American Southern lady

And one bearded, dark-skinned Native American

Dress them up in bright traditional clothing of the region while 30,000 or so South Asians are passing by.

We have gotten a lot of requests for Rebekah's picture to be taken, and even had one request for a family portrait from a total stranger last week. But one would have thought we were celebrities judging by the requests for entire families to take pictures with all three of us when we put on the traditional clothing.

I mean, we look good, but it got a little ridiculous.


  1. James you are a good sport. No way victoria or Jeff would have done. What a memory

  2. You look great!! Thanks for sharing. Bibi Pat Robertson