Thursday, December 22, 2011

Really, South Asia? Part 2

Christmas is a special time for friends and family, and we definitely miss our families during our first Christmas overseas: the parties, the food, the fun, the games, and the updates on friends far away.

Although we cannot be with many of you this year, we still enjoy getting the updates, including a few Christmas cards that have made it halfway around the globe to South Asia. But, if you mail a card or package and it does not make it to us, let us explain why. 

This is the street with our post office, where you might have to chase cows away from your laundry drying in the street.

And this is our post office. We did not get this unglamorous angle on purpose. In fact, this is the only thing about our post office that would make you think it was a post office rather than just steps up to an old building.

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