Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning in South Asia

Santa came early in the hours of December 25th to South Asia (after his stop in America, according to what we told Rebekah--we were not sure if all the internet items would clear the tax department on time, so we had to think of something...).

When we awoke, there was an abundance of presents under the tree--95% of which were for Rebekah, which is fine. This was, in some ways, a "replacement" Christmas for Rebekah, since we were replacing some of the bigger items we had left in the USA with South Asian versions.

Her look of shock/confusion/awe/joy is classic!

We proceeded to Skype with some family back in the USA while we opened presents.

Christmas for us was much as it would be in the USA, with Kristie getting iTunes cards, books, and CDs,

James getting books and shirts, 

And us relaxing and enjoying the best part of the gift-giving portion of Christmas:

Watching Rebekah play and giggle and play some more.

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  1. merry Christmas, friends! and happy (almost) new year!! xoxoxo