Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faces of the People Next Door, Part 1

We live in an idyllic little town. However, our primary purpose for being here is actually not for work here in our state, as much as work needs to be done here.

Rather, after we learn the language (or languages) spoken around here, we hope to devote much of our time to a neighboring state where the work is non-existent in most villages. This year's census gives the population of this state at over 100 million people, while it is smaller in area than the state of Kentucky.

Numbers can overwhelm, though. Each face has a story.


  1. cool. enjoyed the pics. makes me miss being overseas, though i know God has us here for now. he has opened the door for me to go on a brief trip back to Ug, though. maybe we should meet up there, it'd be about halfway between us.

  2. love the pictures! just got caught up on everything. this really brings it home exactly where you are and what you're doing. know that we're praying for you both, especially keeping eyes on little rebekah. hope those child safety bars get there soon....