Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D.C. in September

While our trip to Washington, D.C. in August was simply for our own enjoyment, our small group was intent on experiencing other cultures during our day in the capital city in early September. 
What better way to experience other cultures than to walk down Embassy Row? We came upon our old friend Mahatma during the beginning of our walk.

We came to the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C., and despite its one tall spire, it was not as impressive or as busy as we thought it might be.

Rebekah got a little bored with our cultural exploration while at the Islamic Center, though, and started climbing on the gate. At this point the imam, who we'd heard was very interactive with visitors, had his only interaction with us in telling Rebekah to get down. I'm sure he's seen two-year-olds, though, so we weren't too worried that we'd offended him.

We ended our walk at the National Zoo, where we saw much more of the Giant Pandas than we had during our previous trip.

We visited a nice Lebanese restaurant, an Indian clothing store (where Kristie got some jewelry that has gotten many positive comments since actually coming to South Asia), and watched all kinds of nationalities interact in the Metro and at Union Station.

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