Thursday, November 17, 2011

Country Music Hall of Fame

During our trip to Nashville, we also spent a day exploring the Country Music roots of the city. We actually spent our honeymoon in Nashville, although it was much colder and we were much younger back then.
As we were on our honeymoon, we were in awe of the history contained in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Rebekah was not as enthralled by all the members of the HOF as we were, but she did pretty good for the three hours we spent there. 


There was a great exhibit on Hank Williams and his family's impact on country music. We even got to read all the lyrics for Hank Williams, Jr.'s Monday Night Football lyrics before his gaffe got those lyrics pulled from MNF (he recorded them all at the beginning of the year).

 And, just like on our honeymoon, we visited the Ryman Auditorium...

And we have now become a family act.

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