Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in South Asia

We have never been huge Halloween people, although we have nothing against the holiday. Rebekah has just never really been old enough to walk around and collect candy (although her recent discovery of candy and chocolate would make this a definite trick-or-treating year if we were in the USA). 

Instead, Rebekah has dressed up in a boy costume (last year) and a girl costume (2009) when she was Thomas the Train and a Flower. She also enjoyed carving pumpkins in the past.

In our new home, several of the ex-pats got together so the kids could have a "dress-up party" during the Halloween season. Several of the mothers also got involved, and with our limited costume selection, Rebekah went as a cheerleader (thank you for choosing to be something girly again this year) and Kristie went as a New Orleans Saints fan, complete with a Mardi Gras-like mask purchased in the local market here in South Asia.

We went to the party with our friend Susan the peacock and her children, Natalia the princess and Judson the pirate.

The children posed together before the party, and at the party Rebekah got to decorate sugar cookies (she just wants to eat it off the knife, you can tell!).

And, with Kristie's help, she got to decorate South Asia's miniature version of the pumpkin.

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