Monday, October 17, 2011

Around Seattle

We hit the normal tourist sites during our drizzly day in Seattle. Our hotel was right next to the Space Needle, so with such a good view we didn't feel the need to venture to the top (partially for time restraints, and partially due to Grandma Roberts's aversion to heights).

Even the elevated train from the Space Needle to the Mall was a little high for Grandma, but she stuck it out like a champ.

And it was easy to get Rebekah to focus, though, since she was actually riding a train (she loves trains) with so many windows.

We went to the Seattle Children's Museum for a while, just to get out of the rain and tire Rebekah out for our drive to Lake Quinault.

And Rebekah was particularly, and surprisingly, interested in the bakery/cheese factory where you could watch the cheese be made from beginning to glorious end (yes, we--particularly Kristie and Rebekah--love cheese).

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