Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Her Boys

As we were leaving Hattiesburg, we spent some precious hours with good friends. Rebekah gets excited about a lot of things, but Gattitown (if you are not familiar, think a cleaner, less hectic Chuck E Cheese) is the place she loves to be. 

One of us usually has to keep up with her, but when her "boys" (her term, not ours) accompanied her, she could care less if we were by her side. They were so sweet to her, walking her around and even using their tokens for rides on her!

Not sure what Nate is doing with his shirt below.

Then at Baby Charli's birthday party, the rain didn't spoil Rebekah and Thomas's chance to play in their swimsuits. 

And after playing in the rain ceased, Nate and Rebekah, a three- and two-year-old settled in with their parents' iPhones to play some of their games. Kids these days...

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