Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lives of Parents

Although she consumes most of our time, we actually have friends of our own as Rebekah's parents. 

On the other hand, they are the parents of her boys. Here is a fine looking group of women.

Hope, Kristie, and Jennifer

And a bunch of broad-chested old men. 

David, James, and Jay

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Her Boys

As we were leaving Hattiesburg, we spent some precious hours with good friends. Rebekah gets excited about a lot of things, but Gattitown (if you are not familiar, think a cleaner, less hectic Chuck E Cheese) is the place she loves to be. 

One of us usually has to keep up with her, but when her "boys" (her term, not ours) accompanied her, she could care less if we were by her side. They were so sweet to her, walking her around and even using their tokens for rides on her!

Not sure what Nate is doing with his shirt below.

Then at Baby Charli's birthday party, the rain didn't spoil Rebekah and Thomas's chance to play in their swimsuits. 

And after playing in the rain ceased, Nate and Rebekah, a three- and two-year-old settled in with their parents' iPhones to play some of their games. Kids these days...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Night in Hattiesburg

Okay, not technically. But we were moving around so much, a lot of the "where we were on so and so date" is mixed up in our brains.

We were a little afraid of going through so much transition with Rebekah, but she moved right into her Big Girl Bed. Too many occurrences of Rebekah just walking out of her room after being in her crib made this necessary. But this was the last night in her crib before it was dismantled.

A few days earlier we had given up our pillow-top queen-size bed. Kristie and Rebekah were against the move, though, and getting them out of bed on the last morning was a little difficult.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Packing the Car

While clearing all the furniture out of our apartment and getting rid of stuff we weren't keeping before our big move, Rebekah discovered all kinds of things to play with. She found Kristie's old straightener and memories of karaoke with grandpa arose in her mind.

When she wasn't being cute, though, Rebekah sometimes got in the way. So, we told her to pack whatever she wanted to take on our big move, and she complied very quickly. She wrapped up some dishes and put them in the container, along with her little people and their car.

 And of course a girl has got to have some dress-up clothes, one Sunday shoe, and her cell phone.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Rebekah was a little shaky when she first got on Brookelyn and Jacob's new trampoline.

She eventually got her legs under her, though, and had a good time with her friends. Then the kids had to get ready for bed, and the real fun began when Kristie got on the big toy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun with Friends


Rebekah got to spend a few days with some of her friends from school and from Tupelo before we left Mississippi.

Her teacher from this past year was Ashley-Kate, 

And her teacher since she was a 6-week-old baby was Mrs. Ilza.


Also since she was a 6-week-old, Rebekah has been a classmate of Addison and Avril.

Rebekah loved to spend some time with her old friend Brookelyn, who serves as a great role model for her.

Finally, Rebekah got to spend an evening of swimming and playing with Bella and Addy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Painting With a Twist

In preparation for our move to our training in Virginia, we had a busy couple months. In early June, while James was out of town, Kristie had an evening out with some of her girlfriends in Hattiesburg. They combined a couple of Kristie's favorite things in their do-it-yourself paintings: the Black & Gold of Southern Miss and the Fleur de Lis of the New Orleans Saints. 

Despite the instructions of the teachers of the class,

Kristie was still a little confused at the beginning.

In the end, though, she and her girls were all able to create their masterpieces.