Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

We traveled to the enormous mass of people in the middle of the Arizona desert last week to see a lot of old friends and get appointed for our new job that is taking our family out of the United States and onward to new adventures in the coming years.

Due to the nature of our whirlwind trip and the packed schedule, Rebekah remained in Mississippi. This was her when we left for our flight at 3:30 AM.

There were plenty of real cacti in Arizona, but the city was also very excited about the Major League Baseball All-Star game coming to the city, and you saw these promotions all over.

We had a nice room with a view of the pool and some mountains in the distance.

And our old friend Rick Warren even asked to take a picture with us when we met him (Really, he asked to take a picture, we did not. We are not really into the "Christian celebrity scene.")

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