Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Youth Villages 5K

While in Memphis last weekend, we participated in the 5K that Kristie's company, Youth Villages, has put on yearly for the past 3 decades.

Three years ago we walked/ran in the 5K, and it was a warm, sunny April morning.

Our only tag-a-long was our 2-month old puppy, Kosi.

This year, we had a good time and the company raised over $80,000 for their programs to help troubled youth. But a couple things were a little different:

1) The Weather Did Not Cooperate--A brisk run in 55-degree weather sounds pleasant, but a super-windy, overcast 55-degree morning is anything but pleasant.

2) Different Tag-a-Long--Instead of a 2-month old puppy, we have a 2-year old who likes to wander off. So to keep her in the wagon, we had to resort to bribery--an unlimited supply of graham crackers.

Kristie and Rebekah finished in less than 45 minutes, and James got the EXACT same time (27:26) he did three years ago (he finished 20th among men in his division). And, of course Rebekah sniffed out the "jumpy thing" Youth Villages had brought in for the kids. Freezing weather can never hinder Rebekah's love of "jumpy things."

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  1. Hey you guys need to come do our Columbian-Progress 5k in Columbia this Saturday! It's our annual fundrasier for Relay for Life. Shoot me an email if you're interested!