Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Youth Villages 5K

While in Memphis last weekend, we participated in the 5K that Kristie's company, Youth Villages, has put on yearly for the past 3 decades.

Three years ago we walked/ran in the 5K, and it was a warm, sunny April morning.

Our only tag-a-long was our 2-month old puppy, Kosi.

This year, we had a good time and the company raised over $80,000 for their programs to help troubled youth. But a couple things were a little different:

1) The Weather Did Not Cooperate--A brisk run in 55-degree weather sounds pleasant, but a super-windy, overcast 55-degree morning is anything but pleasant.

2) Different Tag-a-Long--Instead of a 2-month old puppy, we have a 2-year old who likes to wander off. So to keep her in the wagon, we had to resort to bribery--an unlimited supply of graham crackers.

Kristie and Rebekah finished in less than 45 minutes, and James got the EXACT same time (27:26) he did three years ago (he finished 20th among men in his division). And, of course Rebekah sniffed out the "jumpy thing" Youth Villages had brought in for the kids. Freezing weather can never hinder Rebekah's love of "jumpy things."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Orleans Zoo, 11 Months Later

We ventured to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans late last spring, but we thought it was time to let Rebekah experience the different animals and environments outside of the Hattiesburg Zoo. 

Kristie's parents graciously accompanied us to help watch and carry Rebekah among all the stimuli.

We got to see some real animals...

Some fake animals...

Measured the changes in Rebekah from a year ago...

Late May 2010

April 9, 2011

And of course Rebekah found the playground--the bit of plastic and metal in the midst of conservation and nature.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beard

As much as James loved his two-month-old beard, for the wisdom (he says) it supposedly gave him.

And as much as Rebekah loved to pull on her daddy's beard, just because she thought it was funny to make him cringe.

Kristie's will finally won out, and one Saturday morning early, he was transformed from his grizzly self into his softer, gentler version.


(Rebekah is helping because last time
James shaved his beard,
she freaked out about who this beardless man was)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chilly March Night for Baseball

On the 30th of March, we went to watch Rebekah's PawPaw's alma mater battle Kristie's alma mater as Ole Miss visited USM for a baseball game here in Hattiesburg. We were part of the record crowd. People had already been swimming here in Southern Mississippi, so we weren't quite prepared for the wind chill to make it so cold that Wednesday night.

Rebekah hardly noticed the weather, though, and actually knows much of the vocabulary of baseball to accompany her football and basketball knowledge.

For those who care, USM defeated Ole Miss in extra innings, so Mommy went home much happier than PawPaw.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Wants to Party?!

Date: Saturday, April 2
Location: Hattiesburg
Occurrence: The Most Tiring Day of Parties Ever

Fletcher's Birthday Party, Gattitown
Pizza, Games, and Cupcakes at Noon

Hattiesburg Zoo Birthday Bash
People, People, People Everywhere

Zoo Blues 2011
Food, Music, and Crafts
(and hanging with Mrs. Ashlee Cook)

 Nate and Riley's Birthday Party, Kidz Rule!
More Pizza, Cake, and Jumpy Things

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jumpy Slides & Boys

Rebekah had quite a day Saturday, but her biggest adventure might have come at the end of the day when we were at a birthday party at Kidz Rule in Hattiesburg. She loves "jumpy things", but decided she was too big for the toddler inflatables.

SO, after a whirl on a manageable slide by herself, Rebekah decided to brave the BIG slide. Fun ensued, and Rebekah managed to steal the hearts of about... 6 older men, who were more than willing to help the younger woman up & down the slides.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Zoo Carousel Preview

Today is one of the Hattiesburg Zoological Society's big fundraiser of the year--Zoo Blues! The Society--a non-profit that's purpose is to raise money for the zoo--recently purchased the carousel the zoo had been leasing and paid to move it inside the zoo and refurbish it in more of a "zoo appropriate" motif, and today will be the ribbon cutting for the new carousel (along with other new attractions at the zoo).

Half of the horses have been transformed into zebras, and in the coming months more zoo animals will replace other horses.

Since James serves on the HZS Executive Board, he and Rebekah got a sneak peek at the carousel on a chilly morning at the zoo this week.