Friday, January 21, 2011


Rebekah loves playing with the various strands of beads we've collected during our time in New Orleans and South Mississippi. During her recent "take a picture of me" phase, Rebekah formed each strand into circles, which was a shape she learned at school. We know they're not really all that circular as circles go, but we'll give her a pass since she is still under 2.

Rebekah loves to act out scenes with her babies, too. She recently ran up to us yelling "Daddy rock baby," and we soon discovered it wasn't that she wanted to be rocked, but that her daddy doll was rocking his baby.

We really don't let her watch television much, but apparently all American children just think of TV-watching as a normal family activity, as evidenced by her watching it with her entire doll family.

Around the Christmas season, we got out Rebekah's Little People Nativity, and one day found the Virgin Mary apparently bowing to some idol, or perhaps going through her Call to Prayer toward Mecca, with her sextuplets (Actually, Rebekah told us they were sleeping. I guess since she sleeps on her stomach, she believes face-down is the universal sign for "sleeping".).

We know Rebekah knows Mary wasn't bowing to any idol, though, and that she didn't have sextuplets. How do we know? She's pretty much memorized her Children's Bible, and now is reading it to her babies.

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