Friday, January 7, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 3: Sea World

People in Florida have it made. Where else can you go to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, wear short-sleeve shirts and pants, and still be too hot? No wonder people from all over the world visit and people from the Northern U.S. retire to the state.

We didn't think Rebekah was quite big enough for the Magic Kingdom (remember that people in big animal suits often scare her), but she is obsessed with "animals" (one of her favorite words, although we used to always think she was saying "Amos", and wondered who this Amos was she wanted to see).

Rebekah already had a stuffed orca, and was super-excited to see the life-size versions.

She was amazed at the penguins just standing in the flowers all over (not knowing they weren't real), but who can really differentiate the plastic penguins from the stoic flesh-and-blood versions?

Rebekah tried to wake up the "Poley Bear", but it just wouldn't budge from its slumber.

And she rode a few rides that were probably a bit too old for a 20-month-old, but she fearlessly threw her hands up just like we did.

And all the animal shows amazed her, always leaving her begging for "more" (she's signing "more" as we leave the venue).

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