Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 2: Santa Claus

At times during the Holidays, Rebekah was "one of those" children who was deathly afraid of Santa Claus. If you'll remember last year, when she wasn't yet a year old, she wasn't worried about the jolly old elf at all

You can see Rebekah in her "Rebekah's scared" pose (she actually says "Rebekah scared" every time she does this) with this Santa.

Rebekah appears to be just a little apathetic about this Santa Claus @ Toys-R-Us, but in reality...

... she was just really freaked out by this enormous giraffe--scary man with the white beard had nothing on this monstrosity.

She did much better on this rubber-faced Santa in the inflatable at the Zoo Lights in Hattiesburg, even running back and posing with him. She obviously knew he was no threat.

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