Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sickly Child

Rebekah gets the normal childhood ear infections and runny noses, and battles through them all. When she was younger, she even had a fever of 105 F, and was just playing like there was nothing wrong.

But she recently faced a new enemy--the stomach virus. Wow, she was pitiful.

Rebekah covered up her face with the blanket and just laid there, not even juice or Goldfish could entice her to move.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Rebekah loves playing with the various strands of beads we've collected during our time in New Orleans and South Mississippi. During her recent "take a picture of me" phase, Rebekah formed each strand into circles, which was a shape she learned at school. We know they're not really all that circular as circles go, but we'll give her a pass since she is still under 2.

Rebekah loves to act out scenes with her babies, too. She recently ran up to us yelling "Daddy rock baby," and we soon discovered it wasn't that she wanted to be rocked, but that her daddy doll was rocking his baby.

We really don't let her watch television much, but apparently all American children just think of TV-watching as a normal family activity, as evidenced by her watching it with her entire doll family.

Around the Christmas season, we got out Rebekah's Little People Nativity, and one day found the Virgin Mary apparently bowing to some idol, or perhaps going through her Call to Prayer toward Mecca, with her sextuplets (Actually, Rebekah told us they were sleeping. I guess since she sleeps on her stomach, she believes face-down is the universal sign for "sleeping".).

We know Rebekah knows Mary wasn't bowing to any idol, though, and that she didn't have sextuplets. How do we know? She's pretty much memorized her Children's Bible, and now is reading it to her babies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 6: Snow

We know most people in the United States had a White Christmas in 2010. Although it didn't stick as much as we traveled in TN and MS, Rebekah experienced her White Christmas as well.

Rebekah let us know as soon as she woke up Christmas morning that the snow was falling...

which made us think of last winter (near Valentine's Day, if you can't tell by her pajamas), when we even got snow in Hattiesburg.

To be honest, Rebekah was just as excited about wearing her mittens as she was to play in the snow, especially with her dislike of getting her hands wet or dirty.

But everything looks prettier with a coating of snow, so we were glad to capture the little bit we had on film. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 5: Parades

Remember that Rebekah likes parades. Despite her fear of loud noises, she enjoyed several parades over the holidays. We waited anxiously in Hattiesburg on a warm Saturday morning for its annual parade, but were too busy getting the candy and beads Rebekah seems to attract from all the floats to get many pictures of the actual parade.

A lot of dancers participated in the parade, and Rebekah danced for most of them as they came by with blasting music.

She loved the puppies from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, but in the weeks since all she seems to recall from the parade are the "po-po motorcycles loud!", as we had curbside seats for the array of police and sheriff motorcycles with their blaring sirens.

Rebekah got to see more animals the following weekend in Bay St. Louis.

And the Santa riding the firetruck was much more memorable/authentic than he was was during his ride on the trailer in Hattiesburg.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 4: Presents

Christmas started off with presents trickling in, which got Rebekah used to opening the wrapping and getting excited about new toys. 


She even had time to play with the bows after unwrapping the presents. Until...


(way more toys than Rebekah could ever imagine)

 All kinds of toys were received, although various forms of Thomas the Train and his friends were a prominent theme (we thought with a girl we wouldn't have to learn all the names of Thomas's friends, but as we've said before, we've been broken of that notion).

The presents trickled in during the holidays, from Tupelo to Tennessee.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 3: Sea World

People in Florida have it made. Where else can you go to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, wear short-sleeve shirts and pants, and still be too hot? No wonder people from all over the world visit and people from the Northern U.S. retire to the state.

We didn't think Rebekah was quite big enough for the Magic Kingdom (remember that people in big animal suits often scare her), but she is obsessed with "animals" (one of her favorite words, although we used to always think she was saying "Amos", and wondered who this Amos was she wanted to see).

Rebekah already had a stuffed orca, and was super-excited to see the life-size versions.

She was amazed at the penguins just standing in the flowers all over (not knowing they weren't real), but who can really differentiate the plastic penguins from the stoic flesh-and-blood versions?

Rebekah tried to wake up the "Poley Bear", but it just wouldn't budge from its slumber.

And she rode a few rides that were probably a bit too old for a 20-month-old, but she fearlessly threw her hands up just like we did.

And all the animal shows amazed her, always leaving her begging for "more" (she's signing "more" as we leave the venue).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 2: Santa Claus

At times during the Holidays, Rebekah was "one of those" children who was deathly afraid of Santa Claus. If you'll remember last year, when she wasn't yet a year old, she wasn't worried about the jolly old elf at all

You can see Rebekah in her "Rebekah's scared" pose (she actually says "Rebekah scared" every time she does this) with this Santa.

Rebekah appears to be just a little apathetic about this Santa Claus @ Toys-R-Us, but in reality...

... she was just really freaked out by this enormous giraffe--scary man with the white beard had nothing on this monstrosity.

She did much better on this rubber-faced Santa in the inflatable at the Zoo Lights in Hattiesburg, even running back and posing with him. She obviously knew he was no threat.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holiday Season, pt. 1

The Holidays go by so fast that sometimes we can't keep up with all of Rebekah's cuteness. Below are several examples of the cute "new" Rebekah--the one who willingly seeks to be in the picture anytime she sees a camera or phone (which she presumes has a camera on it).


We're not sure why this took place, but we think maybe Rebekah just didn't want to share the lens with Charli, so she went about pulling her hair.