Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zoo Boo

Since James had to work at the Hattiesburg Zoo's annual Zoo Boo Fundraiser for the Hattiesburg Zoological Society (he's on their board), Kristie and Rebekah got to dress up three nights last week in her costume and go play the games, ride the train & carousel, and walk around the zoo.

Rebekah wouldn't allow us to buy her any costume other than Thomas once she'd spotted it... no flowers or ladybugs or princesses for this little girl. We already have problems with people who don't know her going through gender confusion with her, so you can only imagine how many "He's so cute" comments we heard.

It got to the point Sunday night that Rebekah remembered which inflatable animal or character we were about to encounter around the next corner.

 Maybe next year she'll be a feminine little flower again, like last year.

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