Friday, October 8, 2010

Signs of Growing Up

Rebekah is definitely growing up, and we are reminded of that fact at least 10 times daily:
  • She is a Master Bargainer. If she wants something (usually in the cookie-cracker-juice category), she'll do almost anything you ask of her, from a simple kiss or hug to cleaning up her toys.
  • She can (and will) repeat almost anything she hears, from her parents, friends, and teachers or on TV or the radio (case in point: her grasp of sports terminology is already greater than the average adult female, with "fullback" and "fleur-de-lis" being normal, everyday words to her).
  • She remembers phrases and games and people she might have said, played, or seen a month ago and not seen or heard since.
  • She is learning to play nicely with our Chihuahua, Kosi, instead of just batting at her and pulling her tail.

  • She's always ready to go somewhere, even on days she doesn't have school. Many mornings she'll just pick up her purse and Minnie Mouse and just tell us "Bye Bye" and walk into another room.

  • She is afraid of the only real way we punish her, by the use of uber-short "Timeouts." Unfortunately, we have to use this multiple times some days--usually for the same thing: standing on whatever piece of furniture she's figured out a way to climb onto.
  • She's tall. And her teeth are numerous. We will soon be purchasing more safety devices and going to show the dentist all our teeth.

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