Saturday, October 2, 2010

BCS Busters

Southern Miss doesn't win against all the BCS Conference opponents it faces every year, but it always defeats some BCS Conference opponent every year. Confused? While the football team didn't do so well against South Carolina earlier this year, they had a pretty good day two weeks ago against a heavily favored Kansas team. We were there to enjoy the day of food, fun, and football.

Rebekah waved at the football player as they passed by. Unfortunately she's not old enough to go to the night games yet.

The ROTC cannon that signals the start of the Eagle Walk before every game scared her, but she soon recovered to cheer for the band, cheerleaders, and most of all...

... Seymour, who Rebekah talks about every day during the week, long after the football games have ended.

Seymour always leads the team onto the field,

and this week the Conference USA Golden Eagles got the best of the Big XII. It wasn't even close.

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