Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(End of) Summer #2 Fun: Naval Aviation Museum

We were ready for a big beach blowout in Pensacola over Labor Day weekend, but a constant drizzle kept us away from the beach for our end-of-summer fun. We made the most of the weather, though, by visiting the Naval Aviation Museum, where Rebekah's "inner pilot" made its way out (as long as she stayed awake--it's a big museum, and we didn't even choose to follow the 3-hour tour from the volunteer tour-guide).

Rebekah enjoyed sitting in all the Navy planes.

Even sizing up one of the Navy's Blue Angels. 

But wasn't too happy when James moved her out of the pilot's seat.

And she was able to practice her ship-driving skills.

After receiving her dog-tags, though, Rebekah peacefully faded into Baby Dreamland, 
where ocean waves and gliding planes constantly fill baby sleep.

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