Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toys: Where Does She Get This Stuff?

Rebekah does some funny things with her toys--things we definitely haven't taught her. Just small examples of the mind of her own.

Rebekah used to love off-brand Cheerios, but now she seems much more determined to feed them to her baby.

We're not sure why she would think the mom would sit in the stroller while rocking the baby.

The giraffe from the Audubon Zoo was apparently cornered by the two giraffes from Noah's Ark.

The next day Noah's crew of thug giraffes brought out the muscle, though--the Jacksonville Zoo giraffe.

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  1. Too cute!!! I hope we can visit my parents sometime soon so that Sam and Rebekah can meet. I think they would have a lot of fun together! They both seem to be on the silly side. :)