Monday, November 30, 2009

Leaving, on a Jet Plane

Last week Rebekah took her first of what will probably be dozens of plane rides in her life. She had been sick over the past couple weeks with her first ear infection, and we were very concerned, having heard many screaming babies during our journeys over the years. Although we are patient with babies and their parents, we didn't want to be the center of attention, in a bad way.

She got to know the pilots early, waving to them (they waved back) as they prepared for the flight.

Before the flight, she became the center of attention, in a good way, by charming the fellow passengers and the flight attendant.

What were we worried about? During the flight, she played and enjoyed the complimentary airline pretzel sticks.

And by the end of the flight, she followed her parents' examples of being able to sleep anywhere.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boomer Sooner

Not to be outdone by the Black and Gold of Southern Miss ("to the Top!"), Rebekah obtained a little Crimson and Cream swag, hoping the some of the good karma associated with OU's 7 National Championships would rub off on her. As if her good looks weren't enough to get her by in life...

And of course mom and dad had to wear matching paraphernalia.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Go Southern Miss!

Rebekah doesn't know much about football yet, but she knew that for some reason mom would get excited on some Saturdays and dress her up in all kinds of Black and Gold clothing, combined with Black and Gold accessories.

Maybe it was all the excitement, but Rebekah refused to take naps on those Saturdays.

Mom also put all kinds of different stickers on her face.

By 4 or 5 PM, Rebekah was exhausted, so her grandparents always came to pick her up. But she had fun with her mom & dad, and all her fellow young Southern Miss fans.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rebekah and the Bear (11/10/09)

8 Months and Growing

So Rebekah just started sitting up by herself at the beginning of September, and now we're at the beginning of November and she is pretty much a totally different child.

She started to pull up on October 10th, making it much more dangerous to leave her on the floor beside a couch, clothes basket, or coffee table. But at least she can't get around on her own yet, right?

Sorry, but the next week, on the 15th, she officially became a crawler. This occurrence has totally revolutionized parenting, and Rebekah's parents are still trying to figure out how to contain this wild child, especially as she becomes increasingly adept at low-level self-propelling.