Saturday, October 3, 2009


About a month ago, Rebekah switched from eating tasteless rice cereal to trying other foods. All she'd tried other than milk and this cereal was the occasional taste of chocolate ice cream from her mother. We're not sure if the consistency or the taste of the other food caused Rebekah's reactions, but we couldn't stop laughing each night at her pitiful faces and gag-like shuddering.

Rebekah loved her cereal each night

and she thought she'd love this new, orange cereal

but she soon realized she'd been tricked!

She just wanted it to stop!

The green beans weren't any better

nor was the squash.

Don't be distressed at the above images. She learned to like all of the above, and even ate up green peas (something her dad can barely do) without any fighting; and of course she liked the fruits and sweet potatoes.


  1. I love the faces she is making! That cracks me up! Remember...when she gets older, she can just put ketchup on the food she doesn't like!

  2. That is so funny! My boys made the same pitiful faces when they tried new foods for the first time.

  3. fun times. peas weren't a fav of maddy's either. :)

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