Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Fun #8: More Zoo Trips

As you know if you've followed this blog this summer, Rebekah has made numerous trips to the zoo. These pictures come from several of our trips to the zoo in August. At our behind-the-scenes trip for Zoo Society Members, we measured how Rebekah's wingspan compared to various birds--she's slightly bigger than the American Crow.

Our friends who work in South Asia, the Garretts, visited while passing through Mississippi. Although the animals were out, the excitement of the train seemed to be a hit with their son, Samuel.

When we visited the next weekend with Justin and Ashli, we got a dose of "excitement" when the jaguar (pictured here with Rebekah on a previous trip) decided he didn't appreciate our admiration and one of the five of us needed to be marked. Luckily, his marking attempt missed.

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