Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boy Friends

A Father's Worst Nightmare

With Rebekah's newfound awareness of others, her great personality, as well as her striking beauty, we've begun to think about how in the world we're going to keep the boys away from Rebekah (especially since so many of our friends are having babies, many of them boys). We have had a few little boys visit over the past couple months, but right now--and for the next 18 years or so--we're just going to call them friends.

Luckily, Samuel lives a long way away, so the chemistry he had with Rebekah isn't a big worry for us right now. Plus, he seemed to like Rebekah's toys more than her.

Jackson was amazed at this little person who kept slobbering all over, and he seemed more interested in her toys as well.


  1. I'm loving her show stopper outfit!!

  2. We're saving the little black dress you sent her for a special occasion!

    Hope you're ready for those 26.2 miles! Don't know how you do it.

  3. Oh no! We've already claimed Rebekah as our daughter-in-law, so tell those little boys she's already been taken!!