Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boy Friends

A Father's Worst Nightmare

With Rebekah's newfound awareness of others, her great personality, as well as her striking beauty, we've begun to think about how in the world we're going to keep the boys away from Rebekah (especially since so many of our friends are having babies, many of them boys). We have had a few little boys visit over the past couple months, but right now--and for the next 18 years or so--we're just going to call them friends.

Luckily, Samuel lives a long way away, so the chemistry he had with Rebekah isn't a big worry for us right now. Plus, he seemed to like Rebekah's toys more than her.

Jackson was amazed at this little person who kept slobbering all over, and he seemed more interested in her toys as well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Animal Watching

Rebekah has been a curious (some say nosy) little girl since she was about 2 weeks old--those big blue eyes are her trademark. She loves watching anything that moves, from decorations hanging from the ceilings at her daycare to strangers she meets on the streets. Perhaps beginning with her joy at seeing her puppy, Kosi, she really loves animals.

She now loves grabbing anything that she sees without fear. Her little hand may be getting some loving parental warning-slaps in the future. Luckily, she couldn't reach the tiger or ostriches. She could reach the friendly snakes, though.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Fun #8: More Zoo Trips

As you know if you've followed this blog this summer, Rebekah has made numerous trips to the zoo. These pictures come from several of our trips to the zoo in August. At our behind-the-scenes trip for Zoo Society Members, we measured how Rebekah's wingspan compared to various birds--she's slightly bigger than the American Crow.

Our friends who work in South Asia, the Garretts, visited while passing through Mississippi. Although the animals were out, the excitement of the train seemed to be a hit with their son, Samuel.

When we visited the next weekend with Justin and Ashli, we got a dose of "excitement" when the jaguar (pictured here with Rebekah on a previous trip) decided he didn't appreciate our admiration and one of the five of us needed to be marked. Luckily, his marking attempt missed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Fun #7: The Zoo, Part Deux

We got to the zoo right in the middle of a sunny day, so most of the animals were in their shady retreats. Rebekah was still able to find some of them, though--I guess she's getting more attentive each week.

She wasn't too happy to start the day off...

... but then she saw the goldfish pond.

Since her cap is pointy like a railroad conductor's hat, we decided to take her on the train. She listened to the conductor's instructions intently...

but wasn't to sure about the whistle and almost let out one of her signature cries (note the lower lip).

In the end, though, she decided the train ride was okay after all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stats Update

At her 6-Month doctor's appointment/"torture session" yesterday (she had three shots again) Rebekah weighed in as a Munchkin still. Despite appearing to us as a little butter-ball, especially compared to her younger pics, she is still only 14 lbs. 2 oz. (10th-25th percentile), and her natural height has left her--she used to be in the 50th percentile, but is now in the 10th at 25 inches. Fortunately, she can rely on her brain power, though, because her head is still in the 50th percentile.

Below are some pictures to show the changes in her body type. (Don't worry about our parenting--if we thought she would get a weight-related complex because of our language, we'd be more sensitive.)

Skinny Legs

(Not So) Skinny Legs

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rebekah and the Bear (9/2/09)

Birthday Bash!

Rebekah is 6 months old today, so she threw a little half-birthday party for herself. We don't often throw big parties, especially not half-birthday parties (James doesn't even like real birthday parties), but Rebekah insisted on a party.

As you can see, her roommate and blog companion bear was one of the guests (remember that we're only posting a bear picture once per month, but will post other pics at least weekly). Rebekah loves sitting up in all her chairs/swings--she's such a big girl!

Rebekah's 6-month shots and measurements are tomorrow, so check back to see how big (or little) she is.