Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun #2: The Pool

We probably are abusing our baby by exposing her to chlorine so early, but Rebekah is never as happy as when she's in the swimming pool! We usually wait until dusk so the sun isn't in her eyes, and the fact that the water is probably 85 degrees helps, but she'll wade around until her fingers and toes look like tiny raisins.

(such sass!)


  1. She's so cute! I want to put Nathan in the pool. What kind of sunscreen do you put on her and do you use a regular diaper?

  2. We use a swim diaper we bought online, and we use baby sunscreen that we're not supposed to use until she's 6 mo. old. We're just rule-breakers, I guess. It has been so hot here that we never go until about 7 PM when the sun is down but the water is still warm. She always wears her hat, we've never put her head in the water, and she really just loves the pool.