Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rebekah and the Bear (7/30/09)

Time To Baby-Proof

A Chronology of Rebekah Rolling Over

Keeping track of Rebekah has become quite a chore, as she has become accustomed to pushing herself all over the floor with her feet as well as rolling wherever she wishes to go. Combined with her love of grabbing, this rolling has forced us to consider what most parents probably did long before their babies were born--baby-proofing the house.

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  1. you've got to get my bumbo! when are you coming up here for work-related stuff? and the swing! rebekah will LOVE that!

    thanks for calling jordan, btw. she did call me but i've not heard a thing else (when she said she'd call the next day!). *sigh* lots of other things happening...let's chat!