Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rebekah and the Bear (7/15/09)

Do I Look Like a Boy to You?

Since Rebekah probably spends more time in the car seat than most other places (besides her bed or being held), we wanted to give a shout out to Graco for their infant car seat! We've found that buying a base for each car was the way to go, although we're not sure what we'll do when she outgrows the infant seat.

As we've told you before, nary a day goes by Rebekah doesn't go for a little ride somewhere. She didn't like the seat when first introduced, but she doesn't mind it now that she can entertain herself. Perhaps if we had gotten a pink seat, Rebekah wouldn't be mistaken for a boy quite so much. At the Farmer's Market in Hattiesburg, wearing the clothes shown in this picture, 90% of the people told us what a cute little boy we had. We don't correct them 99% of the time, however, but just answer "Yes it is...".

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