Thursday, May 7, 2009

Test Drive

Maybe we're unnecessarily exposing our baby to the public, with its mess of bird flu and swine flu and uv rays and all the other foreign substances. Rebekah went shopping at Target with her mother, aunt, and granny before she was a week old. Rarely a day goes by Rebekah isn't at Wal-Mart, church, Kristie's or James' workplace, or the zoo. But prior to last weekend, we'd only traveled the 1:15 to Waveland. With the travels coming up starting this weekend, we attempted the 4-hour trip to Destin for Kristie's cousin's wedding.

First 3 Hours of the Trip

Last 1/2 Hour of the Trip

The ride back was much less uneventful, but this trip was just a warm-up for the 8-hour drive to Tennessee and 11-hour trip to Oklahoma scheduled for later. We could just leave Rebekah at home, were she not the primary reason for the trips. Anyone want to babysit?


  1. I'm glad I got to see Rebekah this weekend! She is precious!


  2. Hey Kristie. Rebekah is so cute! I'm glad to know you're blogging so I can keep up with ya'll! Hope everything is going good.