Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rebekah (and Brookelyn) and the Bear-DOUBLE EDITION

Because of the extensive traveling of the past two weeks, one broken camera, and the laziness of James, we're delayed in publishing this double edition of Rebekah and the Bear. The pictures with the lion and the bear are from May 13, and the others were taken the day of Rebekah's baby dedication at church, May 17 (the bear was too big to bring on our trip to OK, so we had to take the pics 3 days early). To add perspective, the lion was added and we also wanted to show the bear with Rebekah's friend Brookelyn, who will be 2 years old next month.

Brookelyn was determined to carry the bear around the apartment, despite its enormity.

This is Brookelyn's "mean" face.

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