Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good Times in the Heat

April and May have flown by, 

Which isn't good because we don't like time to fly by,

But is good because we've been HOT.

We started acclimating to the heat by going to the desert of Dubai!

It was all we could have hoped for in the desert, 

Plus more!

(Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings, James' Favorite!)

We had some hot, 100-degree work days in the villages, 

And some hottish, 90-degree days in the house, 

 But turning 3 with our Paw Patrol Birthday Party

And finishing 2nd Grade like a Champ

Helped us push through! 

Come on, Monsoon!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Down Time

With so much going on with our work and homeschool during the 15 months since we returned to South Asia,

We wanted to make sure everyone knew we do have a lot of fun out here.

Whether it's just being silly when we wake up,

Before we go to bed,

When friends visit from the USA

Or from cities nearby, 

We always have a good time. 

We celebrate local holidays with friends, 

And use our creativity to have a good time

With no modicum of shame.

You have to enjoy where you are,

So much that you're worn out at the end of each day. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Crowded Rooms, Wide-Open Spaces...

As Rebekah strives to finish her second-grade year strong, 

And as we try to impart to Reed a little bit of volume control when he's happy, or sad, or mad,

We have had the pleasure of spending many, many days working with groups in some pretty remote villages 

With houses, or churches, or sometimes just yards packed with individuals intent upon doing all they can to make their country better. 

They make for long, hot days of training, but the drive to and from these locations are nothing but refreshing.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Eighth Birthday, Blog!

Since Rebekah being born was the reason this blog started, 

Giving grandparents and other relatives far from her a chance to see her grow,

We didn't want to neglect the 8th Anniversary of the Blog.

With us having so much work, travel, and attention paid to her Terrible Two Brother,

We are excited that Rebekah is so laid back, fun loving, and flexible.

Her love of climbing, running, and jumping, 

Naturally she wanted the birthday theme of most 8-year-old girls:

Night Ninjas

So after a her favorite breakfast and lunch,

Homemade cinnamon rolls and egg curry with a side of potatoes & okra,

We all donned our blackest outfits,

Invited our friends over for extensive climbing, jumping, crawling, and problem solving,

And had our fill of Ninja Water, Ninja Cupcakes, and Ninja Popcorn.

 Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter Weather, Allegedly

Being our 6th Winter in South Asia,

We were used to some super-cold nights and mornings,

Overcast skies, Jackets, Slippers, and Dreading Leaving the Bed in the Mornings.

Maybe we're just warmer-blooded in our old age, or maybe Global Warming is real.

Because we've had beautiful weather this "winter," 

Playing on rides at the new mall in town,

Exploring the foothills near our house,

And even having a few planned and unplanned encounters with the native populations.

Some mornings have been a little foggy, 

But most of our drives have been idyllic ventures. 

Yeah, Global Warming!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017: A New, Slower Year

As can be seen in our lack of communication, and lack of Blog Updates, things were a little crazy the last 10 months of 2016.

But the New Year is here, a time for new starts!

The kids were asleep, but the adults all played games and drank coffee into the wee hours of New Years Eve.

Even James stayed up, which is a new start in itself!

(He went to sleep at around 15 minutes after midnight.)

And the year got started off right, wearing our nice new clothes to church on the 1st of January,

Then getting an unexpected package from our friends in Mississippi:

Sunflower Seeds, M&Ms, and new toys for the kids! 

Here is to a great year for all of you. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Even Superboy...

And Supergirl

Need their rest. 

Recharging together on one bed, with the Star Wars sheets, must provide some kind of symbiosis.